How to Become a Real Estate Agent


Searching for info on How to Become a Real Estate Agent?  You've come to the right place.  Here we discuss license requirements, job duties, earning power and real estate schools.

You may already have answered Why to become a real estate agent.  There is no other profession quite like it. 

Being out of the office, being in contact with people, and being unlimited in your income potential are a few of the reasons you'll hear from seasoned real estate agents. 

We find that the best part is the freedom to shape your lifestyle and future as you see fit

You probably know some of the duties of a Real Estate Agent. 

These include listing houses for sale, submitting buyers' offers, working with lenders / escrow / home inspectors, negotiating for a client, showing homes and holding open houses.  There is so much variety that you are never bored. 

Their list of duties include:

Here are some excellent books to prepare you for this exciting career:

Real Estate Law is different in each state

This site gives you the licensing requirements for your state, as well as state-specific real estate schools.

Simply click on your state of residence in the left-hand menu bar.